August 19, 2014

Welcome to MyFan Site

    Welcome to my new and improved modeling fan site at I’m almost finished with the renovation of my fansite. Excuse if the paint is still a little wet

and a few of the furnishings haven’t arrived

yet but I just couldn’t wait to invite you in.

This space has been built for my most loyal friends and fans so we can stay in touch with each other and I have a place to share certain

things that I don’t share elsewhere.

   My fan site is always FREE to view so drop

by as often as you like. You’ll find lots of features, all designed for us to stay in close touch with each other. And I’ve added some new features to my site, including my new video blog page where I will be posting little snippets of video or voice and a brand new chat

room that’s all mine.

   I’ll be posting a schedule of specific

times you’ll find me in my chat room

ready to spend time with you.

   Of course You’ll find lots of photo

in my gallery and you drop me an

email me with your comments,

you can even call me.

   So drop by often and be sure

to let me know what you think.


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