Please Become a Member

               of My Fan Club:

   In modeling today its very important to have an

army of fans you can call on for a favor every once

in a while. So I’m inviting you to become a member

of my fan club.

   I may ask my fans and friends for an assist, a little

help from time to time, like going to a website to cast

a vote for me in an online contest. I may ask for your

opinion on photos or videos or to give me feedback on where I may want to post my work.

   And there are “perks”. I love to show my appreciation

to my wonderful friends and fans by sending special gifts from time to time, things that are definitely “for your

eyes only”!

   It’s all in fun to let you know how much I appreciate

the support of my friends and fans.

   So if you haven’t yet, please take just a moment and

join by giving me a name and active email address in

the box below. And if you are a registered friend, you

are already a member of my fan club, so thank you

and enjoy!.

My Fan Club

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